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Why you should buy the 911 T

If you watch almost every Youtube review or read every blog about the 911 T you are going to get two conflicting opinions. They either say that the Porsche 911 T is a baby GT3 worth every single penny. Or, they claim that it's a giant money grab and rip-off by Porsche to get people to buy fake "edition" cars. They are both wrong. To think of it in either of those terms is to completely miss the point of the 911 T.

To better understand why the 911 T is more than just a money grab, let's first take a look at the finer points of standard and optional equipment available on the T.
Manual Transmission (MT) has shorter constant transaxle ratio standardPorsche Torque Vectoring as standard with mechanical rear differential lockStandard Porsche Active Suspension Management with Sport suspension, 10 mm lower (not available on 911 C2)Standard shortened gear lever in embossed red shift pattern (Not available on 911 C2)Standard Sport Tex seat centers (Not available on 911 C2)Opti…

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