This just in...

I'm interrupting your normal Thursday evening with news(or avoiding studying for an exam tomorrow. You decide.)

1. Grits, our beloved Leghorn chicken decided to run around our neighbor's yard and when I tried to catch her she protested by flying herself into a window. We lured her out of the neighbor's yard by holding her BFF Bacon hostage, who conveniently clucked alarmingly for us making it all the more convincing. She's fortunately fine and now happily munching tomato leaves. I just thought I'd share.


2. Empire Covers is now proudly sponsoring SGAC (or saggy sac as I'm now calling us. How's that for marketing? You'll never forget that, huh?). We just got their product in and spoilers! It's pretty cool. We'll have a full review for you next week.

Don't forget to read Mike's awesome guest blog from earlier today. He's not kidding when he says there's nothing else that beats an epic road trip. When I was 8 years old my parents drove my sister and I through the northern most U.S. states and dropped down into WY to visit family and we took the southern most route on the way home to VA. Despite being 8, I remember every stop we made, from a random Holiday Inn in Ohio to the Grand Canyon, and some of my best childhood memories come from that trip. It sure as heck beat our trip to British Columbia! (JK, Mike. That was pretty cool too. I hope you don't mind that I'm calling you Mike, us having never been introduced formally and all. You can call me B-rizzle. All the cool people do.)

(They don't. Let's be for reals)

Have a nice evening and check in tomorrow for my post about car buying from a woman's perspective. (Don't worry M. Poirier, next week I'll work in zombies and chainsaws).


(Note to self: break yourself of the writing in parenthesis in every sentence habit.)


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