How to fit 4 people into a MINI for a weekend trip

You all know I love my MINI.  It's a blast to drive.  It get's fantastic gas mileage. And I can park it pretty much anywhere in the city.  There's really nothing to hate about this car.

Except occasionally when you need to carry more than two people.

Now for most days we bought our renowned people transport, my 325 Ci.  We knew that for hauling our friends, there wasn't a better car on the market.  Who needs an SUV when you have a two door BMW?

However, when we met up with our two friends before the Decemberist concert, we didn't expect to be driving them to the show, so we brought the MINI.  Of course, our two friends have dirty cars so Mr. Clean-Car-Obsessed in the MINI got to drive everyone.  Since my wife and our two friends are under 5'5" it wasn't bad for a 15 minute drive over to Meriwether Post Pavilion.  Naturally I got to thinking, how difficult would it be to take a weekend trip in the MINI with four people.  Thus I have compiled a list of things you would need to pack.

According to MINI USA with the seats down, it has 24 cubic feet of storage space.  Sadly, when taking four people on a weekend holiday, it dwindles to 5.7 cubic feet.  Which means that you'll have to limit what you can and cannot take.  Since, suitcases are out of the question here's what I have.

Packing list

1 change of underwear and T-shirt per person. Wear flip flops so you don't have to worry about socks.

1 toothbrush/toothpaste to share.

Deodorant, preferably the spray on kind.

2 beach towels.

A 6 pack of either Mickeys or Red Stripe depending on your preference.  Alternatively, you could do a 750 mL bottle of hard liquor but make sure it is in a plastic bottle. (Also, please obey all laws regarding drinking and driving. Seriously, drunk driving isn't cool.)

Mancala.  You need a board game to keep you occupied. Most others are too big. Especially Monopoly.

A bag of Mini Pretzels.

A Frisbee but to save space tuck it between the passenger seat and the center console.

If you can find a Totes brand, purse-size umbrella that would be good.

Glow sticks.

This list should enable you to enjoy a fun weekend holiday with your closest of friends.  Try not to stray too far as you might not have room for the important things.

Also, try not to bounce around too much to the music.  You may bottom out your MINI.


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