OK, I lied.

Not super major, but I had a few announcements so I wanted to get your attention.

First, if you didn't already know from Twitter, Some guy about cars has partnered with Atomic Reach and Bumper Talk in an effort to get more car conversations going.  Arlington's own Be Car Chic is also a partner so, I know I'm in good company.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter as she pushes for Distraction Free Fridays (#DFF) and for more people to take the pledge.

Secondly, I am formally announcing the beginning of my Radio/Podcast program.  It will be published every Sunday evening some time around 6pm.  To start, it will only be available on YouTube but, eventually it will also be available on iTunes for free download.

Thirdly, Have Car/Will Travel is going live as a separate entity with it's own web page in the coming months.  The goal of Have Car/Will Travel will be to produce another Radio program for download on iTunes and print media about our travels and travel tips and suggestions in general.  Please keep an eye here, and on Twitter for announcements.

As always, thanks for your support and if there is ever anything you want to hear about or if you have any questions feel free to email me at


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