Finding time to write

Well I would like to write a blog concerning how to properly schedule time to write when you are maintaining a blog and a busy life but, I'm not the best person to give advice in these matters...  As you can tell from this blog, I started it two years ago with the intent of writing about cars as it is an incredible passion of mine.  It took off more then I could have ever hoped for (thank you all for your support, seriously you rock) and it even helped me land a fantastic job with BMW.  While there are certain aspects of my work that aren't so hot.  Mainly the fact that I work 50 - 60 hours any given week and my schedule is all over the map.  But all things considered, I'm doing great.  And I truly have no reason to complain.

Interestingly enough a few things in my life have changed and one of which is an increased vigor to continue to write while effectively balancing my schedule.  While I haven't completely succeeded at the second one of those, I've noticeably improved.  In fact, to test my new found resolve, I've decided to take on another project in addition to this blog over at

We'll see how well this works.  I'm sure you'll be able to see the results, especially if you read both blogs.

Hint, hint. 


  1. Keeping up two blogs sounds crazy but lots of people have several blogs.

  2. True story. It's harder with my schedule. Perhaps one day I'll be paid to write all of the time :)


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