BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition

Here at BMW of Silver Spring we recently got in our very first M3 Lime Rock Park Edition for one of our clients and I decided to snap some photos of it.

What makes the Lime Rock Park Edition of the M3 so special you ask?  Fear not dear readers, the added tech and goodies are listed just below the pics.

The goods:

  • Bad-ass orange paint 
  • Carbon fiber roof
  • Front and rear carbon fiber aero kits
  • Lightweight exhaust
  • Competition package as standard
  • Flat, racing wheel (and oh how beautiful that is)
  • Additional Nappa leather trim
Is it worth it?  Well an M3 on it's own is always worth it.  But for this car, I leave that up to you.  Would you prefer this over a "regular" M3?  Comment below and share your thoughts.


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