BMW announces price increase starting October 1

That's right.  You will now have to pay a little bit more to buy that BMW you love thanks to BMW's price increase starting October 1.  According to the ever famous Jon Shafer of BimmerFest BMW will be raising the prices of most of their models.  The unaffected ones are predominantly newly introduced models such as the 4 series couple, 3 series diesel, 3 series wagon and more.  He created the above, handy dandy infographic to help you navigate the changes.  For those of you who have already ordered your vehicles and have your production numbers before October 1 are fine and will be unaffected.  All cars produced before October 1 will also feature the old pricing.  If you were on the edge of ordering your BMW, I would advise doing so by close of business today.  Or, you can take advantage of your local dealers in stock models that are unaffected by the new changes.  If you haven't joined the BimmerFest community and want to connect with BMW owners, do so.  It's free.

Did you have a particular model in mind?  Have any questions?  Comment below or, if you want help shopping for your next car you can contact me via email at


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