Product Review: Boca Java Jinotega Harvest

Boca Java is a company famous for making their bacon coffee.  You heard that right.  Boca Java has a bacon coffee called Maple Bacon Java.  As you know, I'm always on the search for a good brew for my cup and after writing my review of Cafe Kreyol's Zombie Desert, one of my awesome Twitter followers suggested I try Boca Java.  Of course, thanks to that shout out, Boca Java sent me two bags of coffee to try, knowing full well that I would be damn happy to write a review about coffee.  Especially when it's free.

Now I did not receive their famous Maple Bacon Java. However, Boca Java sent me two bags fresh off of the roasting line.  Sometimes this site is the best...  They sent me a bag of Javanica and a bag of Jinotega Harvest much to my surprise and delight.  And here I thought I was going to get a sampler.  I decided to try the Jinotega Harvest (for those of you who didn't read the title).  Upon opening the bag I was greeted with a heady aroma of freshly roasted beans that had a a faint sweet note to it that you normally find in Southeast Asian beans.  The beans from the Jinotega Harvest are from Nicaragua via Direct Trade which aims to keep the money in the hands of the farmers rather than big corporations making all of the profits.  Most Latin American beans I have come across or more on the light to medium roast scale however this proved to be quite different.  After pouring the first cup brewed from my french press, my initial impressions were good.  While it had a lighter body than most dark roasts I prefer, it had a nice, balanced texture.  In my opinion it was a much lighter dark roast while still staying away from the "airy" coffees I normally find from that region.  It did have a mild acidity to it, which while as advertised, I imagine if I switched to my Chemex it would have offered a different balance.

The ultimate question though is would I have bought it myself?  I tend to like my coffee darker than this and often prefer something with muddy, earthy notes.  Although, I was genuinely surprised by this brew.  It's a good fall coffee that is balanced for the slightly warm days or the crisp mornings in a nice package.  Personally, I would stay away from it in the winter months since that is when I prefer a fuller body to my coffee to fend off the biting cold.  For those of you looking for a coffee on the lighter side of dark, Jinotega Harvest would be perfect for you.

I would have liked to try Javanica however, being the grateful writer that I am, I opted to give that bag away in my contest from last week.  Stay tuned for more reviews and announcement of the winners.  Do you have a coffee you recommend?  Comment below and perhaps I'll review your favorite next time!  Thanks again to Boca Java for the free coffee!

Until next time, keep your mug full always and away from "E." 


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