Shaking up the world of BMW and Porsche

I try not to make a habit of new jobs and new job announcements but sometimes and opportunity comes along that is too good to pass up.  How will it affect this site?  How will it affect me?  Well there's only one way to find out what's changing in the world of BMW and Porsche

Porsche Panamera - the view from my office
As many of you know, my very first car model was a 1986 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet that my uncle brought back from Germany one Christmas.  It was the catalyst that started me on the path that has led me to this point.  I'm sure there are some days my wife curses him for my passion for cars but, I will forever be in his debt.  It was this gift that inspired me.  Ever since then, I have loved cars, especially the German ones.  There's always been something about them that moves me.  Obviously, not just the gas pedal...  Since then, I decided to create this site to write about my passion and deliver insight, information, and clarity to a world that is often confusing or filtered through the eyes of journalists.  I aim to deliver the information that you need without the BS and fluff.  Sure, I love the cars but it's this love that allows me to analyze them with a loving but critical eye.  My desire to write about things that move me is exactly why I choose to focus on BMW and Porsche.

This site was also the reason why I was able to start within the automotive sales industry.  I've honed my BMW knowledge and devoured everything I could read, watch, or drive to learn more and I found myself loving the vehicles more.  I enjoyed my time with BMW however, I received a call from Porsche of Arlington offering me another wonderful opportunity.  After two meetings with management and much careful consideration and meditation, I took the job.  And today, I start as a Porsche Specialist, further honing my knowledge and craft.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this mean for the blog.  Everything and nothing at the same time.  I will continue to write about BMW and continue to drive and analyze the various models they release.  Not only does the company I work for now own a BMW dealership (BMW of Alexandria) but, I maintain a good working relationship with a number of local (and not local) BMW dealers here in the states.  Which means if you need any advice, questions answered, or help with your BMW purchase, please do not hesitate to email, call, send me a message on social media, or comment here on the site.  I will be happy to help in whatever capacity you need.  Additionally, feel free to turn to me for all of your Porsche related issues.  Just think of me as your Porsche and BMW expert.

So that's what's new in my life.  Do you have any ideas for a BMW or Porsche article?  Do you have any questions that you need answered?  Feel free to comment below and I'll be happy to help.

Thank you again for all of your support and for every one of you who read this site.  It's truly humbling seeing how many of you visit and reach out to me after discovering the site.  You make this site something more than just my ramblings and musings.


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