BMW 4 Series Convertible Pictures Leaked

BMW has been building up to a November launch of their new 4 series convertible.  The new 4 series will be based on the 4 series coupe that was launched in August.  The coupe has been well received thus far and we've seen BMW make improvements to their servotronic steering that they've been integrating into all of their model lines and it benefits from a stiffer suspension feel than the F30 3 series sedan.  The really good news for people in the northern hemisphere is that we will see the convertible during peak convertible driving season north of the Mason-Dixon line...  That being said, the leaked images are gorgeous.

The Mineral White with Saddle Brown interior is one of my favorite interiors to date.  Interestingly enough in the interior photo, you see a steering wheel that almost has the same "girth" (for lack of a better word here) as the M Sport Wheel in the current F30 sedan.  The shift knob in this photo also appears to be the same M Sport shifter.  There's no surprise that the 4 series convertible will share the same options and standard features as the coupe.  Keeping with BMW's desire for "alles in ordnung" for people debating between the coupe and convertible, your hardest decision will be whether or not to go topless and sacrifice some of the torsional rigidity.  Or, opt to have the sportiest two door BMW this side of an M.  More excitingly for people who wanted an AWD convertible but didn't want to go with the A5, the 4 series will be available in BMWs well-known xDrive system.

It would appear that BMW is prepared for a great launch.  It's just a shame that people in the colder climates won't be able to enjoy the benefits of driving topless.  Unless you're as insane as I am.  I was driving a 328i convertible for a month last year and picked my wife up from work with the top down in 40 degree weather.  Sadly, I had to put the top up when she got in but hey, at least I got to enjoy it?  What else can you do with a convertible in December in the DC region?

What do you think?  Great look or would you prefer one of the remaining 3 series convertibles?  I hear there are some killer incentives on the remaining stock if you want to get your hands on the last hydraulic steering equipped 3 series convertible.


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