Porsche Macan update

Porsche is following their wildly successful Cayenne SUV with a smaller one called the Macan.  The Porsche Macan is smaller than the Cayenne and is line with the size of the Audi Q5.  While many questioned the wisdom of a Porsche SUV when the Cayenne was first introduced, there's no question that it was a smart business move by Porsche.  The Cayenne has single-handedly saved the company.  No matter how many purists they pissed off...

Autoweek does a great job diving into the nitty gritty details from Porsche on their site.  But, what you need to know is this:

  • It's roughly the same size as the Q5, + roughly 2 inches all around
  • It shares the same frame as the Toureg and Q5
  • The suspension is an offshoot of the Q5's suspension
  • The electro-mechanical steering is Porsche derived (thank god)
  • Shares much of the fit and finish to the second generation Cayenne (also, thank god)
  • Likely available in at least a Turbo 4 cylinder option and a Turbo 3.6L option here in the states
According to Autoweek it drives like a Porsche though.  Which is good news.  Because the Q5 is abysmal in my experience.  It would appear that the Macan will benefit from the Porsche derived steering system along with Porsche's magnificent engine (at least in the 3.6L, the 2.0L is based on a VW design).  Starting at $45k (though who is ever going to buy a Macan that's $45k?) it seems like we have a bargain Porsche available for the market.  I imagine they will sell like hot cakes.  Hot cakes that have $1,200 butter upgrades and $550 coffee additions to fully finish the hot cake design.  Not sure if that analogy went anywhere but dammit I could use a biscuit now...  

At the end of the day, I find myself wanting to like SUVs like the Macan or the X3.  The X5 and Cayenne drive like beasts and can handle all of the versatility tasks that you would need.  But they really aren't made for me.  I hate being that high.  I hate feeling like I am driving a tank even if it can corner better than most cars on the road.  It really isn't my style.  I'd take a Panamera or even better yet, a Cayman S any day of the week (or for you BMW fans, an M3 or 135is).  But, for those of you in the market for a luxury SUV, the Macan might be the new king on the block.  We'll have to see if BMW's X3 has anything to say about that when it's launched sometime next year.

What do you think?  Is the Macan flipping awesome or more of the same from Porsche?


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