Product Review: Mayorga Cafe Cubano coffee

Welcome back for another product review about coffee from your favorite coffee addict.  I was browsing through our local fresh, organic, hippy, overpriced, Fair Trade store that we shop at trying to find a brew and one of them caught my wife's eye.  Now for those of you who know here.  She's a big tea drinker and absolutely hates the taste of coffee.  Well all except the Turkish coffee we had a few weeks ago on one of our date nights...  But, I was at a loss of what to try and I trust her eye for good products so I rolled with it.  She picked out a dark roast by Mayorga called Cafe Cubano.

Interestingly enough, Mayorga was founded by a Guatemalan born, Nicaraguan raised, person who has their roasting facility in Rockville, Maryland where I used to work.  I've always seen their coffees in the local Whole Foods or Moms but never thought to try them.  They are Latin American grown beans which I seem to be buying a lot of lately but, the dark roast caught my eye.  Mayorga focuses on Organic or Rainforest Alliance coffees so those of you who shop with a conscience should feel good about buying them.

Cafe Cubano is billed as a dark roast with hints of vanilla, sweet smokiness, and a peppery finish.  The initial sniff test was good and you can tell there is that faint odor of smoke to the beans.  The beans had a good dark quality to them, darker even then the La Colombe brew that I tried last week.  Like my previous taste tests I made sure to brew at least three times in my French Press to get a good feel of the flavor.  I've been using a mix of 16 oz of water to 5 scoops from my Bodum press while letting the beans sit for 5 minutes.  There are definitely elements of the sweet smokiness balanced with a hint of vanilla.  I did not get the peppery quality to it but then again I was not looking for it.  It had a slight grit to it with a medium mouth feel.  It wasn't quite as good as the the Phocea from La Colombe but it definitely was one of the better coffees I tried recently.  I definitely have to temper exactly how much I drank because it was quite good.

Give it a try.  I think you will like it too if you share my love for a dark roast.  What do you think?  Have you tried Mayorga's coffees before?  Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.  If you want to check out my other coffee reviews you can check out my Product Review section.


  1. I'm with your wife, but your uncle really likes the Mayorga Sumatra.

    1. I am a big fan of South East Asian Coffees so I will have to check it out

  2. For a lot of offices, Coffee is the lifeblood. Treat your colleague to the perfect cup.

  3. Mayorga is always excellent. I just bought some last week when it was on sale for national coffee day. I got the Sumatra and my usual French Roast beans. They ship free and carbon-neutral for orders more than a small amount, and it arrives quickly. It tastes handmade. They’re intimately involved with keeping the farmers able to make a living.


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