About Me

My passion for cars started at a very early age.  My Uncle returned from Germany when I was young and brought me a 1986 Porsche Carrera Carbriolet model and I was smitten from day one.  Since then, I've had the bug. I have been lucky enough to own a lot of very cool cars and some pretty silly ones too. There are too many to list right now but, one of my favorite cars I have ever owend was a 1990 Daihatsu Rocky that my wife decided to call "Adrienne". Currently I am driving a 2017 Porsche Macan, 2012 BMW 550i, and a 2003 Porsche 911 C2 Cabriolet.

I have countless years of experience in the automotive industry and I am a self-described expert in all things Porsche, BMW, whiskey, and building things.

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