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July's Bumper Sticker Contest

It's time for Some guy about cars second contest ever. After the rousing success of our first one, we've decided to do this again.

Now for those of you who follow me on Twitter and read my #cqotd (formerly known as #carquestionoftheday) you know that I generally dislike bumper stickers. I see them as a terrible eye-sores on cars. I even have a special kind of rage reserved for people who put bumper stickers on really nice cars. But, from time to time I come across especially witty bumper stickers. Admittedly, I have yet to come across a bumper sticker that I would put on my car without thinking twice. However, I have been tempted on the rare occasion that I do see a brilliant sticker. You may have seen this one the other day which I am considering putting on the MINI:

For you non-Baltimoreans visit

Now this contest is dedicated to the best of the best. You could call it a quest if you will. Perhaps an epic journey. There are mountains of bad bumper stickers and we've certainly seen our fair share. Every person under the sun who thinks they're witty or revolutionary goes out and buys a sticker to show the world exactly how cool and relevant they are. But, for every 14 people with stupid, political stickers, honor roll proclamations and "kill your tv" stickers, there's always that one person who has things like a sticker that simply says "OPINIONS!" Yes, that is an actual sticker Brittany and I saw on one of our mini trips. Were we able to, I would have snapped a photo to share. That right there is brilliant. And that is exactly what I am looking for in this contest. Check out the full rules bleow.


Now what I want you to do is find the best, most ridiculous bumper sticker imaginable. Preferably, an original photo however, if you do find one online please provide a link for the source of the photo so we can make sure they get credit for it. Photos will be accepted from now until August 5th, 2011 at 5:00 PM EST. One photo per person submitted via email at After August 5th, the photos will be posted here on SGACs and it will be open for readers to vote from August 6th to August 19th, 2011, 5:00 PM EST. The winner will be the person with the most votes. You know how this popularity contest goes, get your friends together through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, your blog, etc and have them vote for you.

To give you some inspiration, here are some examples from around the web:

Image from

Image from

At this point, you may be asking yourself what is at stake. Why bother to enter? Well of course the winner gets some free advertisment like last months winner here. Plus, you can win a Starbucks gift card worth $15. That's two whole lattes, or frappaccinos, or whatever the hell else they sell there. Be sure to tell your friends to enter. Don't be selfish. The more pithy bumper stickers, the less likely I am to go on a sticker peeling rampage. Plus, who doesn't like a good laugh? If you don't perhaps you're reading the wrong blog.

Click here to see our winner

Some guy about cars First Contest:

That's right. You heard it here first.  Or on Twitter.  Possibly on Faceyspace...


The point is, welcome to the first ever contest hosted by Some guy about cars.

As you know from reading some of my previous posts, we are renovating our very first home together.  And while this is a lot of work and can be a HUGE pain in the ass, it has been really rewarding.  Plus, it gives me the excuse to buy more power tools...  Either way, it has been interesting trying to fit the materials, tools, and everything else we need to complete our projects in a MINI or a BMW coupe.  It has taken a lot of ingenuity, some design help from those genius German engineers, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (obviously from my wife since men don't cry).

Thus, we came up with the idea for our very first contest.

The rules are quite simple.  You can use previous pictures or you can go out and take a new picture.  But, I want you to take pictures of absurdly large things or an absurd amount of things packed into the back of your car.

Here are some examples:

Chicken supplies

10 8ft. lawn timbers stuck into the BMW

A largish, chair we found on Craigslist

You don't have to have small cars like we do.  Just put an absurd amount of things into your car and snap a shot.

The rules are as follows:
1. Photos must be received at no later than Friday July 1st 9:00 AM Eastern standard time
2. One photo per email
3. You must be able to drive with the things packed into your car
4. You must be able to get two passengers safely into your car

Now, the winner will be determined by reader's votes.  You are free to spam the hell out of your friends to vote for you but, please, if they ask you to not to spam them, respect their request.  Once all of the photos are received, they will all be posted on the SGAC's blog Friday, July 1st.  Anyone who wants to vote, will simply leave a comment on that blog post.  Please, feel free to vote for yourself but, don't create multiple accounts just to win.  That's kind of pathetic...

Of course, you all are probably wondering what this fantastic prize will be...

A $15 iTunes gift card!!!


That's right, you'll be able to download almost all of this coming Sunday's Feature Playlist.

Now get creative people!  And be sure to share the details about this contest.  The more, the merrier.

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