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Car Reviews:

2014 BMW 3 series GT

2014 BMW 3 series Sport Wagon

2014 BMW 535d

2014 BMW X5

2014 BMW M5 with Competition Package

e9x BMW M3

2012 BMW 328i

Car Products:

We review an EmpireCovers Car Cover : After reviewing and using the product for some time, I decided work with EmpireCovers and offer 30% Off Sitewide at EmpireCovers for my readers to save on their purchase.  I do get a small commission from your purchase if you decide to buy the car cover which goes towards the upkeep of this site (or if you are interested in any of their other products).  Please know that I only advertise and work with companies on this site whose products I've used and would pay for with my own money. 

Check out our review of Eco Touch's Waterless Car Wash: Eco Touch's Waterless Car Wash is on my Amazon list of recommended products.  If you are interesting in trying some for yourself, please click through and order through my Amazon store and support this page.


I review Cafe Kreyol's Zombie Desert:  My love of coffee is almost as well known as my love of cars. I'm starting a new series where I review a new brand on the regular.  If you have any recommendations or if you represent a company who would like to send a bag, you can contact me at

Boca Java was gracious enough to send a bag of Jinotega Harvest to review.  I included my full thoughts in this review.

I found a great brew for the French Press worth checking in out in La Colombe Torrefaction Phocea.  It's one of my favorite coffees to date.

Another local company called Mayorga Coffee made a brew called Cafe Cubano which is a Latin American dark roast.  Definitely worth checking out.

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